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Technology, the best industry in the world

Is it just me or does anyone else think there is no limit on what Technology can offer us as more and more things move online? Well, I sure do!

Covid could has potentially made the process speed up somewhat, but I think the world of Technology and the intertwined networks provide countless opportunities for small or large companies to expand, reach markets they couldn't before and utilise their presence virtually to the full extend. Amazon is the cliche, starting as an online book company, then expanding into gadgets and now they even sell food! I mean come on amazing, give the rest of us a chance! But seriously imagine, there would be no amazon or google or bitcoin or.. sorry I'm rambling.

Technology really has changed the world by how we operate our day to day lives. It has allowed us to connect in ways we just wouldn't see possible. Could you imagine FaceTiming your mom and dad whilst on a beach in America in the 1950's? No. Or would you ever have thought it was possible to order monopoly at 10am and it arrive by 3pm the SAME DAY? No. (Thanks Argos). Technology have created an unparalleled tool to connect, diagnose, search, scan etc etc.

So, is Technology really that good for us? It's hard to tell, I mean on one hand you could say 'Technology has helped my doctors diagnose cancer in millions', which on the face of it is very good. However, certain technology has been known to cause cancer such as phones and radiation from phone towers. So it could be 'no good without evil' or a 'Ying Yang' effect?

In truth, I think Technology has really helped develop a truly unique world we live in by creating safety, connecting people, saving lives and much more. It is a key fundamental we all live by in 2021 and I only think its going to get better.

Take today for instance, if you were looking for a job where would you start?,, or maybe google You'd go online and search for 'IT jobs' or whatever your vocation is. The internet would instantly connect you to someone who is searching for a new employee and bam.. you have a new job. I'm certainly one for Technology, but are you?

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