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Best recruitment tips and tricks

Now I don’t want to give away my top secret formula... but I want to share some useful things for everyone so they can implement this into their current recruitment strategy. This WILL take you from average to exceptional at recruitment!

So let’s start with the 101 first rule of recruitment. Trusting the process. I know this might not mean much to you yet, but let me explain a bit further.

Your boss has just asked you to speculatively send cvs to your new and exciting client base. You are slightly confused because you’ve called them and your clients have told you they aren’t hiring so what’s the point? Well this is a total ground breaking revelation but... the process works.

Why? Well because it is much easier for someone to say to you ‘they aren’t hiring‘ than to say something else, especially if they aren’t the decision maker. By ‘spec’ing’ CVs to your client, you aren’t asking a question which creates work, your offering a solution to a potential problem. 99% of these clients will either read or email and do nothing with it or just delete it. But we’re after that 1%. If it were easy, everyone would do it right? Just think of recruitment as fishing, we throw the net to catch the fish (I wish it was that easy) but essentially, this is what we do.

So now you’ve understood the reason why we send CVs out even if we get a rejection, let’s move onto a consistent sales schedule. by this I mean having dedicated sales time every week regardless of how busy or quiet it is.

What’s the point in persistently calling the same people over and over again, they’ve already told me they won’t work with me?

Think if it like this, would you buy into a service from someone you don’t know at a considerable cost? Most of us would naturally so no. This is a natural reaction because people buy from people and they‘re nor inclined to buy something from a person they’re familiar with. Starting to make sense?

The biggest part of recruitment is building relationships, networking and developing a list of potential buyers that believe in you or your service. They must see value in what you do. So, a call per week solidifies a relationship and reiterates the seriousness you have about working with them.

Not only this, but if someone calls you every 6 months, are they really going to remember you? If you think the answer is yes, recruitment really isn’t for you.

You have to be structured in your routine and stick to it. Of course you can change the days time and how you get in touch with your potential clients, but be consistent!

Always do what you say your’re going to do! I have seen so many people not follow through with things they’ve verbally agreed on the phone. Firstly this makes you instantly unreliable and less credible but it creates another barrier to overcome and as recruiters, we don’t need any more. You’ll look back when this is all applied and say ‘wow, such a small amount of attention creates the best outcomes’.

Check your CVs that are being sent out! I mean it, check every single one. Don’t skim read and do this half hearted. Read line for line word for word because if you don’t, your client will. Who‘s the one that looks silly because they’ve gone with another candidate due to your lack of attention.

I always make sure spelling, grammar and readability is correct. If not, then change it. Don’t be lazy as if your not hungry for the business, someone else out there is, taking money out of your pocket.

Setting expectations is highly important too. Don’t forget you are offering a solution to CLIENT and CANDIDATES alike. Therefore you need to remove as many question marks away by showing value at every step possible. The easiest way to create value is take the stress out of the situation by setting the lay of the land and creating a transparent environment. This leave people feeling clear and content.

Always give feedback to your candidates. What’s worse than applying for a job, they go to interview, don’t get the job and don’t hear the reasons why. We’ve all been there and it’s VERY annoying.

Push your client for feedback. This is vital for career progression. Explain why this is valuable for the candidate and they are keen to improve. this may actually make them reconsider their decision (it’s happened to me several times).

So there you have it, several of my top tips and tricks so you to ponder when next stepping foot into your recruitment chair. I shall post some more content on the tips and tricks section to help you all.

providing you follow this, not only will you blow the socks off your boss, clients and candidates, you will make a tonne of money too!

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