I am currently registered with another IT recruitment agency. Can I work with more than one?

Answer - Yes! We always welcome those working with other recruitment agencies. Working for more than one may actually help you better opportunities.


How much do you pay?

Answer - We look into your background, past experience and qualifications. From there we will discuss what would be appropriate. For an accurate answer please get in touch with on of our recruitment consultants.


I am looking for both temporary and permanent work. Do you offer both? 

Answer - Yes we offer temporary, contract and permanent employment. Please speak with on of our consultants who will be able to help you further. 

I don't live in a major city but I am looking for work there. Do you ever get remote working positions in?

Answer - Of course. We work with some fantastic IT companies and they have the luxury of offering 'work from home' positions. We offer work nationally and internationally in major cities such as London, Manchester , Birmingham, Reading, New York, California, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Paris, Vienna, Stockholm and Amsterdam.

I am a university graduate. Can you help me find work?

Answer - Our agency helps everyone find work relevant to the technology sector. We partner with small to large companies that have graduate programmes and junior positions. For more information on how our recruitment agency can help you, speak to one of our expert consultants. 

Do I set my own pay rate if I am working on a temporary contract?

Answer - No, sadly. We work very closely with our candidates and clients alike. The aim is to create the best solution for you and our client. This has to be feasible for both parties. We negotiate the best deal for you and our clients. 

Can I work for you as a self employed contractor/ temporary worker? 

Answer - No, this is something we cannot do. As a fully compliant recruitment agency, the IR35 regulation doesn't allow us to. However, we partner with a fantastic payroll company that take all stress out of working. 

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